"Hard-hitting... brilliantly-made... brilliant short film." Steve Grossmith, Festival Director, Fusion Film Festivals

"It's such a powerful and heartbreaking film." Patrick Kennelly, Artistic Director, Film Maudit 2.0

"An insightful film on the dangers of childhood. It is set in the St Kilda area of Port Philip Bay, an area that for me holds strong mixed emotions. The film has a truth to it, that while unsettling is necessary in its brutal honesty. BRAVO! To all involved." Tana Douglas, Author 'LOUD'

“This brittle, impressionistic film makes the most of its fifteen minutes, keeping the dialogue spare and the observation sharp.Aided by deep black and white cinematography and rich use of location as well as a light touch with performance, Amissa Anima works. It's cold but it works.”  Peter Jetkinoff,  Shadows Blog